What you need to know before hitting the shopping streets in Haridwar

For all the shopaholics out there who are heading towards Haridwar for pilgrimage purpose or otherwise, this is dedicated to you. You can take an Intercity Cab Chandigarh to Haridwar or you can also take the Outstation Cab Chandigarh to Haridwar. Since it is a religious place, most of the items you will find here will be related to religion and culture but it is unique enough to catch your attention. So let’s look at what to expect before hitting the markets there.

1. Moti Bazaar

This is one of the most popular market in Haridwar which is located at the northern side and is seen on the upper road near the canal area. You can reach here by taking an intercity taxi Chandigarh to Haridwar or you can book a cab from Chandigarh to Haridwar as well.

2. Jwalapur market

It is a famous market in Haridwar region and is known for its souvenirs. The shops can be found stocked with red vermillion, sparkling globules, divine beings as icons, some gemstones and so much more. This place will leave you spoilt for choice when you discover the varied amount of items that they sell. So to reach this place, you can take an outstation cab from Chandigarh to Haridwar or take a cab from Chandigarh to Haridwar.

3. Bara Bazaar

This market is well known amongst the locals and travelers or tourists who reside on the railway station road. This market sees the highest footfalls in comparison to the other markets. You can buy items of high quality related to religion and culture of this place. You can also find ornamental things like rudraksha, copper utensils, nose rings, beads, and many other things. You can also find images of deities, sandalwood and idols of gods that are worshipped.

Reaching this place is easy as you can get a taxi from Chandigarh to Haridwar or you can also make use of premium taxi from Chandigarh to Haridwar. So make sure you visit these markets for a rich religious experience and satisfy the shopaholic in you!


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