Top 3 Fun Events of Matheran

Apart from the scenic natural views, Matheran is very rich in culture. Situated in Maharashtra, this beautiful hill station has some festivals of its own that you should definitely not miss. All you have to do is, find Best Outstation Cab from Mumbai to Matheran and just hit the road! From The Green Festival to Ganesh Chaturthi, Matheran celebrated all the festivals in its own unique way with full enthusiasm.

So, we bring you the Top 3 festivals and events one should miss if in Matheran, so get Intercity Cab Service Mumbai to Matheran now!

  • MATHERAN MAHOTSAV – A festival organised by the Matheran Municipal Corporation in the month of May. This five-day festival is basically celebrated to promote the art and culture of Matheran. Performers from all over the country and within the town are called to perform and showcase their talent in the festival. A huge ‘Mela’ is set up in Matheran during the festival. Definitely, something you should experience. Get Intercity Cab Mumbai to Matheran to reach the place!

  • GANESH CHATURTHI – The festival is celebrated with great zeal all over Maharashtra. People prefer Intercity Taxi Booking Mumbai to Matheran to experience this festival. It is the most popular festival of the state. The 10-day festival is celebrated in August-September. The festival starts with a beautiful procession and ends with idol immersion of Lord Ganesha. People exchange ‘Modaks’ and celebrate the festival with harmony. Hire Intercity Taxi Mumbai to Matheran and let the craze of Ganesh Chaturthi begin!

  • MATHERAN GREEN FESTIVAL – It is the first and the only global green festival of India. The festival promotes the techniques of green living and nature conservation. From art installations, graffiti, photography to the film screening, the festival has something to entice everyone. Also, famous celebrities and bands come to perform in the festival to spread awareness about the festival. Bucket list updated! You can get many Best Intercity Cab Mumbai to Matheran.

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So are you ready to experience one of the best events in India? So, grab the Best Intercity Cab from Mumbai to Matheran today!

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