Things of interest in Upper Shimla Area

Upper Shimla area is famous for its culture, beautiful regions and of course, apples. There are lots of things to discover in Upper Shimla Area which are interesting. Visiting here is easy as there are premium taxi from Dehradun to Shimla available along with intercity taxi services Dehradun to Shimla. The beauty of upper Shimla is just beyond any comparison.

So let's take a look at the things of interest in Shimla’s upper area.

1. Mahasu Jatar it is a fair which is celebrated in this region. It is conducted on the 3rd Tuesday in May. There is a Durga Devi temple in front of which it is celebrated. It is known to collect a huge gathering every time during the fair. Tourists reach here if they hire cab from Dehradun to Shimla. The place will give you immense peace.

2. Hatkoti Devi Temple – this place is famous for offering great views of the nearby regions. At 1100 meters above sea level, Hatkoti feels like a scenic beauty which rests on the banks of Pabbar river based in Shimla. The name has been taken from Goddess Hateshwari. People visit this place in intercity cab service from Dehradun to Shimla. This temple is a must-visit temple if you are in Shimla.

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3. Kuppar – this is one place known for getting a spectacular view of the places around it. The main reason why people visit here is because Kuppar is known for its significance in historical as well as heritage aspects. This is a location which is best suited for capturing images. There is clean air all year round. You can enjoy this clean air.People from far off places come to this places by booking an online one way cab from Dehradun to Shimla or by using an outstation cab service from Dehradun to Shimla.

So, next time you are in Shimla, don’t forget to visit the Upper Shimla Area. You will love the place, we promise! So take the best intercity cab from Dehradun to Shimla now.

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