The Mountain biking and International art festival in Shimla

Shimla is an accumulation of all things beautiful. It is filled with hills, architectural masterpieces, lush greeneries and everything that you need for a perfect vacation. But Shimla, along with its scenic marvel is also home to a mountain biking festival and an international art festival.

So, to all those art lovers and passionate bike drivers out there, here's the reason why you should be in Shimla right now.

  • For all those who crave an adrenaline rush, mountain biking is The adventure sport. Mountain biking is riding on off-road and on the rough terrain by using the specially custom designed mountain bikes. Known as the Hero MTB Shimla, a mountain biking fest, this is one of the most interesting fest you will ever get into where you can compete with other bikers or even take your first step towards mountain biking.

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  • Mountain biking requires core muscle strength, self-reliance, endurance and bike handling skills. But it is still a lot of fun. The excitement and rush, the ups and downs, all make it worthwhile. You can also attend workshops where you will get to explore the Himalayas among the sceneries of wild forests.

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  • A 45-day International art and craft festival in Shimla showcases the art and handicrafts of the state. Over 200 participants from India and abroad come to be a part of the festival which is held in two phases, one in Gaiety Theatre of Shimla and the other in Museum and Police ground at McLeodganj.

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  • This festival has been held in other states as well like Goa, Gujarat,  Rajasthan and Delhi and has been extremely successful in promoting the traditional art of different states of India. It gives Indian traders a platform to show their indigenous aesthetic art to the people who appreciate it.The festival includes National and International Art Exhibitions, show for artists from an army and their families, national craft mela, lifetime achievement awards, entertainment shows, art camps, workshops, artist interactions, contests, live art demonstrations and many other activities.

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So, you can enjoy adventure and art both at Shimla with your family or friends and make some amazing memories in the seven hills of Shimla.

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