The Enchanting baghs of Agra

Agra, the city of Taj Mahal is a beauty full of history, culture and architecture. The city is full of world heritage sites that make it a famous tourist attraction. One can take Intercity car rental from Gurgaon To Agra and explore Agra.
It is a famous vacation destination not only in the country but also in the world as it possesses one of the wonders of the world- Taj Mahal. The city has so many architectural masterpieces that make it special and beautiful. So here are five lovely gardens in the city where you can go to admire the natural beauty by taking Online Intercity Cab Gurgaon To Agra.

1. The Taj Mahal Garden - from the entrance of Taj Mahal to the burial grounds, this stretch of beautiful green gardens are also called Aalsi garden because Akbar spent six days in the garden lying idle or Aalsi to convince his darling to agree to his proposal.

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2. Mughal Gardens- The gardens are a part of Agra fort and are also called Mehtab bagh which means moonlit garden as the moonlight reflected from Taj Mahal lights up the garden and gives it sublime beauty.

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3. Dayal Bagh Garden- It is a memorial garden that is built in memory of, the founder of the “Radhasoami Satsang Movement”. You can do Gurgaon to Agra cab booking to reach here. There is also a grand white memorial.The memorial possesses a mix of viharas, mosques, temples and gurudwaras, the mixed religions of which follow the idea  Shiv Dayal Sahib’s preachings.

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4. Paliwal Park- The park captures an area of 70 acres which is full of different varieties of trees and plants along with a lake where you can go boating. A park is a popular place for college students' hangouts or family picnics in Summers and a perfect path for winter walks.

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5.Ram Bagh-  Built by Babur in 1528, this is the oldest Mughal garden in Agra. This garden has a calming peaceful effect and it was supposed to be a representation of Islamic paradise. The name of the garden means Garden of Relaxation, and it used to provide a space for Babur to rest after the proceedings of the day. The garden also has fountains and waterways.

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