Matheran: 4 Places that deserve to be seen and cherished

With around 38 viewpoints which offer wonderful sunrise and sunset views in the smallest hill station. Matheran also offer panoramic views that can refresh you in every sense. There are about 28 points, 2 lakes, 2 parks and 4 major worship places in Matheran. You can catch the glimpses of all these awesome places by taking a taxi from Pune to Matheran.

Let’s have a look at the top attractions of Matheran which are worth visiting. And for going to the different destinations you can take Pune to Matheran best cab service for travelling around.

  • Echo Point- Echo point is one of the most magnificent peaks located in Matheran. This place is very popular among tourists because of its cleanliness and pleasant weather. It proves to be a delight for food lovers as it offers a huge range of food stalls which basically serve you freshly prepared snacks. The most fantastic feature of this place is its echo effect which allows you to hear the echo of your own voice clearly. The visitors can take Pune to Matheran car rental for paying a look at the beauty of the place.

  • Charlotte Lake- Charlotte lake is located at a distance of around 30km from the main town and it is the most popular picnic spot of Matheran. Charlotte lake is very popular for its fresh water and picturesque beauty. It is the single major source of water supply in Matheran. Adventure junkies also admire this place as you have to go through a difficult path to reach this lake. You can hire a taxi service from Pune to Matheran for going there.

Other important features of this lake are an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Pisaarnath and you can also find rare varieties of migratory birds near this lake. Pune to Matheran Taxi Service makes it easy for you to pay a visit to any part of the city.

  • Alexander Point- Alexander point is situated at one of the most far-away hills and basically marks the end of Matheran’s mountain range. A large number of adventure lovers attract to this place as it offers various activities like trekking and horse riding. Alexander point is surrounded by evergreen forests on one side and offers you with wonderful views. It is a calm place with no markets or shops nearby. For easy way out in travelling, Intercity Cab Pune to Matheran is the best option.

  • One Tree Hill- One tree hill is an isolated spot on the top of the mountain and it has an ancient tree of Jaambul. This point is considered as a trekker’s paradise as you have to do a difficult and tiring trek to reach this point. There is a deep valley behind this point and is one of the most picturesque locations in Matheran. You can take an Intercity Cab Service Pune to Matheran for travelling around.

There are some of the most beautiful places located in Matheran which are worth visiting. And remember, no need to take any pain for travelling, you can always take Pune to Matheran cab services for easy commuting.


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