Industrial Hub Ludhiana

Ludhiana also known as a city along with a municipal corporation which is the largest in Punjab. Reaching Ludhiana is easy as there are intercity cabs Noida to Ludhiana available along with cab services from Noida to Ludhiana. Also known as the ‘Manchester of India’, Ludhiana is famous as the industrial hub of Punjab. The number of factories of knitwear count to a total of eight and there is approximately 6000 medium sized to small sized factories. In addition to this, there are 10 big hosiery mills of yarn and approximately 150 medium sized to small sized woolen and worsted yarns.

In Ludhiana, there are bicycle manufacturing firms and these include brands like Avon Bicycles, Eastman Industries, and Hero Cycles Limited. To witness these industries, you can come here by taking a taxi from Noida to Ludhiana or by taking a cab from Noida to Ludhiana. You can also take local buses, free, but the best way to make your journey hassle we recommend you to take Cabs.

These manufacturers also manufacture motorcycle parts along with machine tools, tires and tubes, generators, sewing machines, diesel engines and various other consumer goods which hold high value in day to day life. Reaching this place hassle free requires you to book a Noida to Ludhiana online cab service, or you can also opt for an Outstation taxi from Noida to Ludhiana. Since there are so many things being manufactured here, it is obvious that they are exporters as well. The export market is valued are $40 million.

Sunil Mittal is a famous person, the Chief Executive Officer of Bharti Airtel telecom provider. Ludhiana is home to Sunil Mittal. He is currently worth $6.9 billion USD, and he is the chairman and also the managing director of the Bharti Group. According to Forbes, he is the 6th richest man in India.

So if you wish to visit this interesting place, you can come here if you hire a taxi from Noida to Ludhiana or get cab services from Noida to Ludhiana. Ludhiana is waiting for you, visit and explore the hidden gems

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