Gateway to the God: Haridwar

Gateway to God is the meaning of Haridwar. Har ki Pauri is believed to be one of the holiest ghats in Haridwar. This is the place where the holy river Ganga flows towards the plains. Take a round trip cab booking from Jaipur to Haridwar to visit the holy ghat and be relaxed as there will be no real need to worry about the return journey, or like a real traveller book a one way cab service from Jaipur to Haridwar, and manage your own return! The place extends many famous temples, ghats, monuments and the tourists from far of places specially visit this place to learn yoga and meditation as this place is the root of yoga. Plan your weekend with an easy, at a click of a button, online cab rental from Jaipur to Haridwar.  Devotees take a dip in the sacred river Ganges, and pray for the salvation of their antecedents.

Though famous as a traditional town, Haridwar is much more than that, here are the 5 places around it which will make the trip even more memorable.

1. Rajaji National Park: The national park is at only 10 kms distance from Haridwar. This place is of great attraction for the tourists as the sanctuary is the place for huge number of animal species. The river in the park is another crowd pleaser as it houses many fishes and other marine animals. There is no dearth of taxi from Jaipur to Haridwar and the great thing is that it can be rerouted to these places.

2. Kankhal: Situated in Haridwar, Kankhal is a place of religious significance. This place is famous for Maa Anandamoyi Ashram, Daksheswara Mahadev Temple, Patanjali Yog Peeth. Hire cab from Jaipur to Haridwar and enjoy the stay at ashrams in Kankhal.

3. Mansa Devi: The aesthetic scenic view of whole Haridwar with the river Ganga in the middle can be viewed from here. This place is of exceptional interests among the tourists. Reach the place hassle free through low fare cab from Jaipur to Haridwar.

4. Sapt Rishi Ashram: It is believed that seven sages named Vishwamitra, Kashyapa, Atri, Vashisht, Bharadwaja, Gautam and Jamadagni were into deep meditation and the holy river Ganges had split into seven streams without disturbing the sapt rishis. Visiting here can be an ordeal but to make it lucid, you can always book a Jaipur to Haridwar taxi services and reroute it.

5. Bharat Mata Mandir: From the time immemorial, this temple has its significance. This temple is dedicated to Mother India. This temple has eight levels and has stored the famous Indian men from ancient period till present day’s personalities. Also has the delineation of the cities of the country. This place is a must visit so as to get a glimpse of the Indian history and culture.


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