Four Spectacular Spots You Cannot Afford to Miss in Lonavla

Lonavla is the perfect place to chill out after a busy week. One can take Online Intercity Cab Pune to Lonavala. This is perhaps more true for summers when lives scorching in the blazing continental heat demand an escape into the cooler heights of the Lonavla.

Located in the Sahyadris, or the Western Ghats of India cutting through the Coromandel and the Malabar,  Lonavala is one of the only two—the other being Khandala, hill stations in Maharashtra. Located equidistant from Pune and Mumbai, Lonavala can be easily accessed via the Mumbai-Pune Highway. On an average, Lonavla at least demands a week, but those with only a weekend can go out to check out these four spectacular spots in Lonavala, Online Intercity Cab from Pune to Lonavala:

1. Rajmachi:  A small hamlet in the rugged terrains of the majestic Sahyadris, Rajmachi consists of two beautiful forts: the Shrivardhan Fort and the Manaranjan Fort, also making it a site of historical significance apart from a trekking destination. You could take Pune to Lonavala Taxi Booking. The fort complex, which played a vital role in the Anglo-Maratha war, is a protected area and offers spectacular view from its highest point. The place is today being developed as a popular eco-tourism site.One must not miss the bike trek ride in Rajmachi.

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2. Valvan Dam: Kundali is one of a handful of rivers flowing through the cracks of the Sahyadris. Valvan Dam constructed on river Kundali is a major tourist spot owing to the beautiful park located on the foothills.

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3. Karla Caves: Karla Caves are also known as Karla Cells and rock-cut cave complexes, mainly monolithic, that were used as monasteries around 2nd and 5th centuries BC. Categorised as a protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India, Karla Caves are well known for their intricate interiors and carved exteriors.

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4. Shooting Point: Located in the area of Khandala Baazar Peth, Shooting Point provides a majestic view of the wild around Ramgachi Fort. St. Mary’s Villa is located nearby and must be checked out for its beautiful gardens.

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There you go—all covered for your next weekend.


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