Famous Places to Eat in Nathdwara

It may seem awkward, but eating is a great pass time in Nathdwara. Roadside food stalls are famous for their yummy, scrumptious and delicious cuisines. Nathdwara is also famous for its Punjabi, Gujarati, South Indian and peninsular restaurants. Street food are flooded with the people during the darshan timings. Nathdwara is famous for many of its special dishes like Khaman (a crushed mixture of yellow Dhokla’s), Kand (fried yam), Jalebi and Phaphda (a kind of Farsan), fresh purple yam.

Even mouth fresheners, Mukhwas and all sorts of Jeera Goli are very much famous and available. Piping Hot Masala Tea is served to the customers in earthen pots is also a specialty of Nathdwara. The Thandai made of pure milk and dry fruits are a very famous drink of here. Kashmiri Soda can be enjoyed in the late evening. Bhang ki Thandai is very famous in Nathdwara. There is a famous Shikanji Wala called Shankar Ji who is jovial in nature.
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Rajasthan Exclusive Food

There are some famous restaurants of Nathdwara which everyone should go for. So, book Jaipur Nathdwara Cab services.

1. Neelam Dinning Hall

This restaurant is known for its Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis, Bajra Roti, Kadi and Khichdi is very famous.
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2. Acp's Chappan Bhog Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Rajasthani food of Nathdwara is very famous of ACP’S restaurant specially Dal Baati Churma. It is an amazing retro restaurant.
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3. Sankalp south Indian cuisine restaurant

This is not comparable to other restaurants of Sankalp chain in other cities. If one want to cherish authentic and hygiene south Indian food in a clean restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its south Indian cuisine like Masala Dosa, Sambar Vada, Idli, Upma, etc. in one place.
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4. The Peninsular Kitchen 

The Peninsular kitchen represents food from the five regions of South India i.e. (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Goa) and takes you to the journey of exciting flavors and unique dishes prepared by the talented master chefs. To reach here, we would suggest you to hire Intercity taxi from Jaipur to nathdwara. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will see yourself aesthetically drawn and immersed in its nautical designs. The Indian and Coastal cuisines always had a special place in the hearts of the customers.
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Eating out in Nathdwara will not be a problem; there are plenty of roadside food stalls that sell popular and tangy snacks.
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