Everything you need to know about Kota Doria saree

Aside from being home to many major trade organisations, Kota is also home to many shops selling jewellery, antiques, textiles, gems, leathers and metal products. Basically, Kota is a shoppers paradise. With such a blend of culture and innovation, the residents of this city surely enjoy a varied and exciting day to day life. If you are one such resident you understand what we are talking about. Shopping. Yes! However, it’s easy to get fully bored staying in one place and the heart craves for a taste of adventure, no matter how meagre.

  • You don’t have to look further than the nearby city of Kota. Located on the banks of the Chambal River, Kota is the third most populous city in the state of Rajasthan. The city is a popular tourist spot and you can bear witness to its marvels by going on a trip to this place. You can use the round trip cab booking from Jaipur to Kota to book a cab for the journey. Since the two cities are connected by well-maintained roads including national highways, the Jaipur to Kota cab services are very reliable.

  • One of the attractions born out of Kota is the Kota Doria saree. The saree, a traditional outfit of Indian women, is famous for perfectly showcasing the beauty and allure of a woman as well as her elegance and dignity. There are countless styles and types of the saree and here we will talk about the Kota Doria saree.

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  • The Kota Doria fabric originates from Kaithoon village which is at a distance of 20 kilometres from Kota city. The population of Kaithoon village is comprised of mostly weavers. You can visit this place if you want to by making use of the intercity cabs from Jaipur to Kota. Kota Doria fabric is woven on traditional pit looms giving it a square checked pattern. The checked pattern is termed as ‘khat’ and they are made so skillfully such that the fabric becomes transparent. All of this is crafted from fine silk and cotton. The cotton provides strength to the fabric while the silk provides the fabric with its lustre. Rice paste and onion juice are smeared into the yarn making it so strong that no additional finishing is needed. You can see the process of weaving Kota Doria fabric for yourself if you take a trip to Kota by booking an intercity taxi from Jaipur to Kota.

  • Kota Doria fabric is strong, lightweight and transparent. This extends to sarees made from this fabric. You can find original Kota Doria sarees to buy if you hire taxi from Jaipur to Kota. The Kota Doria saree perfectly compliments the female form. The transparent fabric helps in elegantly showcasing the allure of a woman while the lightweight of the fabric is analogous to the care-free spirit that resides in the heart of every woman. Finally, the strength of the fabric represents the hidden resilience that all women within themselves perfectly balanced with grace and beauty. You can find many of these magnificent outfits if you hire Jaipur to Kota Taxi services.

The Kota Doria saree is but one of the many marvels to be born from Kota. You can find this elegant traditional dress and much more if you use the services for cab rental from Jaipur to Kota for your trip. You can also use the Online Cab Rental Services from Jaipur to Kota to book cabs on the go. So, stop waiting and book a trip to Kota to bear witness to its many wonderful creations.




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