Eateries and Restaurants in Shimla

Dehradun is the capital of the state of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. It is one of the many ‘Counter Magnets’ in the National Capital Region (NCR). Dehradun is being developed as an alternative growth centre to ease the burden of population explosion and migration boom on the nearby metropolis of Delhi, earning the privilege of being hailed as one of the smart cities of the country. Dehradun is also well connected to nearby hill stations such as Shimla, known for it’s scenic beauty and very agreeable weather conditions. There is a very economical cab service from Dehradun to Shimla. If you are a resident of Dehradun and are planning to take a trip to Shimla, you can make use of this cab service. However, before planning a trip, you should also know about some of the places in Shimla where you can grab a bite to eat while getting a taste of the local flavor. Here we will talk about some of the popular eateries and restaurants in Shimla. You can visit these places by making use of the one-way car rental from Dehradun to Shimla.

  • Café Sol:- Located on the roof of the Hotel Combermere on Mall Road, Café Sol is not only open to the hotel residents but also to visitors as well. With simplistic interiors providing a very cozy ambience, the place is great for enjoying a bite with family and friends. Donuts, interestingly done pizzas, lemon cheesecakes along with Mediterranean and Mexican dishes await you here at Café Sol. If you want to visit this place you can hire a cab from Dehradun to Shimla.

  • Wake and Bake Café:- Located on Mall Road opposite the Municipal Office, Wake and Bake Café first introduced Shimla to urban eating. From mouth-watering pancakes, hummus, pita-platter to amazing sandwiches, coffee and shakes, the Wake and Bake Café is a treasure trove for foodies everywhere. This is definitely a place worth spending a couple of hours at, you can also be privy to a book-reading or jamming session here if you are lucky. If you want to visit this place for yourself, you can hire a taxi from Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your trip.

  • Seventh Heaven:- For couples who want a lavish and romantic dining experience at a reasonable rate, Seventh Heaven is just the place for you. Located on floor number seven of the popular Hotel Combermere, the place offers a spellbinding view of the mountain tops of Shimla on which you can feast your eyes before your meal arrives and long after. You can also enjoy the extensive multi-cultural menu on the outdoor terrace which has a fire to keep you and your partner warm throughout the night. If you wish to enjoy the pleasures this place has to offer, you can get taxi services from Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your trip.

  • Ashiana & Goofa:- If you’re craving for a taste of the true Himachali cuisine, you don’t have to look any further than Ashiana & Goofa, an establishment in Shimla’s Lower Bazaar which for many years, hasn’t once changed. The place offers many traditional Himachali cuisine items ranging from the luscious and creamy tomato-based gravy to the soft breads filled with steam. A favorite for tourists and locals alike, this is an ideal place for late lunch outings especially during the evenings. Get taxi services from Dehradun to Shimla if you wish to visit this place for yourself.

  • Cecil Restaurant:- If you don’t mind splurging on money for some time, then you can check out the Cecil Restaurant which is located in the famous Oberoi Hotel and Resort. The place offers a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscape allowing you to fully take in the majesty and splendor of what the Himachal has to offer. The dark mahogany paneling and chandeliers combine to give a very old-world ambiance which is perfect when you are indulging in the expensive but exquisite items the restaurant’s combined Indian and Thai menu has to offer. You can book a premium taxi from Dehradun to Shimla if you wish to enjoy this place for yourself.

These are but some of the many interesting and satisfying eateries located in Shimla. If you wish to visit any of these places, then you can use the intercity cab service Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your journey.

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