Blissful Markets of Shimla

Shimla is not just about hills, there’s so much more about the city that will leave you awestruck! And when we are talking about the jaw-dropping things, how can we skip shopping? Surrounded by green pastures and snow-capped peaks, Shimla also has a wide variety of shops and markets to choose from. To visit these markets, there is a very economical cab service from Dehradun to Shimla, or you can also hire a cab from Dehradun to Shimla.

Here we will be talking about some of these places which you definitely have to visit if you are a shopaholic.

1. The Mall:

Buzzing with shops, theatres, cafes, restaurants and a whole lot of merriment, the Mall road is at the heart of all the activity and action in Shimla. Extending from Viceregal Lodge in the west to the Barnes Court in the east, you can find everything ranging from showrooms to emporiums all along this road. If you wish to visit this place, use the safe cab rental from Dehradun to Shimla to book a cab to this place.

2. Himachal Emporium:

If you are looking for a place to shop for local handicrafts at reasonable prices, Himachal Emporium is just the place for you. There is also an enormous range of Kinnauri shawls, Kangra silks and other Himachal souvenirs available here. Run by the government, this place sells genuine handicrafts for the discerning buyers. If you wish to visit this place, use the safe taxi rental from Dehradun to Shimla to book a cab to this place.

3. Tibetan Market:

Located just under the Ridge, this makeshift marketplace is perched on the slopes of Shimla. Tibetan rugs and carpets, woollen clothes, mufflers, scarves, padded jackets, sweaters plus Tibetan accessories like boots, bags, jewellery and shoes are found on its by-lanes. You will also find charming antiques and curios once you wander deeper into the chaotic lanes. Corn cobs swathed in salt, butter and lime, which are sold by wayside vendors serve as a great snack to munch on while you are wandering through the market. If you wish to visit this place, you can use the economical taxi service from Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your journey to the city of Shimla.

4. Lower Bazaar:

Hidden amongst the crowded lanes and old buildings, the Lower Bazar is extremely dynamic. Like the name suggests, it is located just below Mall Road starting from the bus stand in Shimla. Comprising of endless streets merging with one another, the shops sell everything ranging from winter clothes and walking sticks to vegetables and mobile phones. The local craftsmen are very skilled in carving beautifully patterned wooden sticks which also come in varying shades and designs. You will also find bookshops selling everything ranging from comics and school textbooks to guides and magazines. You can visit this magnificent place if you hire a taxi from Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your journey.

5. Lakkar Bazaar:

Located on the narrow road adjacent to the Ridge, the Lakkar Bazaar is popular for beautiful wooden decorative souvenirs and items. The majority of the shops here sell Pashmina shawls, handicrafts and woollens and the place is especially popular for Kullu shawls. If all the relentless shopping is making you hungry, you can head to Sita Ram to grab a bite of some very delicious chole bhature and aloo tikki. You can visit this place by making use of taxi booking from Dehradun to Shimla to aid in your journey.

These are but some of the many shopping attractions in Shimla. If you’re a true-blue shopaholic, then why wait? It’s high time you book yourself the best taxi services from Dehradun to Shimla. 

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