Bharatpur beyond the bird sanctuary

Being one the most important and attractive bird sanctuary with thousands of migratory birds, Keoladeo National Park is not just known for birds. It’s a breeding and feeding ground for a lot more aquatic animals, mammals and even famous for its amazing oasis of tranquillity between the otherwise crowded getaways of Agra and Jaipur.

But Bharatpur is not just known for this bird sanctuary. There are many more entertaining things one can find while his visit to Bharatpur. Let’s hang around and witness the beauty of Bharatpur.

  • Lohagarh Fort: Maharaja Suraj Mal, for his victory over Mughals and British, had built numerous forts and palaces across his kingdom, one of them being the Lohagarh Fort (Iron fort), which was one of the strongest ever built in Indian history. The inaccessible Lohagarh fort situated in Bharatpur, Rajasthan is said to have withstood many attacks of British forces when they laid siege for over six weeks. Its major attraction is the two gates, one in the north is known as Ashtdhaatu (eight metalled) gate while the one facing the south is called Chowburja (four-pillared) gate.  One will be enlightened to see the appealing monuments in the fort which includes Kishori Mahal, Mahal Khas, and Kothi Khas. Reaching here is not an issue as intercity cabs from Jaipur to Bharatpur is available.

  • Rope castle adventure park: Every moment is enriched with adventure, whether or not an individual is on any Wall or crossing any Bridge. Rope Castle Adventure Park has many rope activities for the tourists like rappelling, Burma bridge, zip-line, climbing, archery, etc. This adventurous park is a must visit for all tourists as it’s near Keoladeo National Park. One can always hire a cab from Jaipur to Bharatpur or can avail the cab rental facility from Jaipur to Bharatpur.

  • Bharatpur Castle: A fine piece of architecture that exhibits the rich legacy of Rajasthan’s history is the Bharatpur Palace. The magnificent palace is the right blend of Mughal and Rajputana architectural work. The castle has a museum, which has a rich collection of beautiful sculptures, ancient inscriptions and other displays which reflect the art and skill of the people of the region. This palace is considered to be a great monument due to the highly intricate and grand designs on the walls of this palace and huge chambers. 

  • Tours and travels- A lot of options are available for every tourist who wish to visit Bharatpur. Be it one way cab booking from Jaipur to Bharatpur or round trip cab booking from Jaipur to Bharatpur. Even the Online taxi Booking from Jaipur to Bharatpur is very economical. Apart from this online taxi booking from Jaipur to Bharatpur is a good option. Outstation cabs from Jaipur to Bharatpur is easily accessible. 

So don’t think much and be here on your next vacation.

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