Best Places to Shop in Matheran

Shopping in Matheran can be an experience in itself. The local shops offer a lot of options including leather items, food items and gifts which are worth buying. The visitors can take Pune to Matheran car rental for paying a look at the beautiful market place in here.

Here are some travel tips which you can follow while shopping in Matheran. Pune to Matheran Taxi Service makes it easy for you to pay a visit to any part of the city.

  • Kapadia Market- The main Mahatma Gandhi Road has many shops which are of different shapes and sizes, forms the main bazaar, called Kapadia Market. It was set up in 1919 by Mr. P.N. Kapadia. You could shop for the famous “Chikki” and local honey in this market. There are other popular things also especially footwear. Glass birds and dry flowers are two other important items which are sold in Matheran. For easy way out in travelling, Intercity Cab Pune to Matheran is the best option.

  • The Mall Road- The mall road is one of the busiest shopping centres in Matheran. At Mall road one would find many shops selling several goods but don’t forget to buy the most popular Kolhapuri footwear as it most different and comfortable, it is also a best option to gift your near and dear ones. You can take an Intercity Cab Service Pune to Matheran for travelling around.

  • Nariman Chikki Mart- Chikki is a hard sweet made from gram flour, jaggery and ground nuts. There are a lot of shops in the main market which sell this wonderful sweet. Nariman Chikki mart is extremely popular for its groundnut Chikki and pure honey. You can hire a taxi service from Pune to Matheran for going there.

You can also have other snacks like Chivda and dry fruits. It also has three big shops in M.G. Road. You can also find bottles of honey here at cheap prices. And for going to the different destinations you can take Pune to Matheran cab service for easy commuting.

  • Matheran Local Market- It is a small street-like market. The market is set up in such a way so as to honour the natural beauty of Matheran. Pune to Matheran cab booking will make it easy for you to travel around in there.

The market has many shops where local artisans and craftsmen produces leather goods be it belts and bags to wallets and shoes. The Kolhapuri chappal found here is extremely popular and girls come from distant places to buy these chappals. If you want to take home something from Matheran for your loved ones, the best souvenir would be the famous Chikkis.

So, on your visit to Matheran, don’t forget to check out these places. And remember, no need to take any pain for travelling, you can always take Pune to Matheran best  cab service for easy commuting.

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