An oft-visited Hindu city: Haridwar

Dubbed by some as ' Gateway to God' Haridwar's inspiring ‘Har ki Pauri Ghat’, memorable river Ganga views and the famous Arti will have you in head over heels with this city. Located at around 493 km from Jaipur, this Hindu pilgrimage site hosts awe-striking temples at the edge of the Ganges with ease of access using cabs from Jaipur to Haridwar.

  • Weighed as one of the 7 holiest places in India, Haridwar is one of the most populous cities of Uttarakhand. Masses of people frequent Haridwar every year to pay their respects to the holy river Ganga. Avail an intercity taxi from Jaipur to Haridwar, and watch the bustling lanes of Haridwar roving you for a long time with a picturesque sight in every corner of the city.

  • Haridwar is the busiest during the Kumbh Mela, a religious pilgrimage and a photographer’s delight because of the uncommon sights seen during the event. With the motive of offering prayers, a visit to the temples of Chandi Devi, Mansa Devi and Daksha Mahadev Temple in an intercity cab from Jaipur to Haridwar is a must. Bharat Mata Temple, a unique shrine without any idols placed inside is another major attraction.

  • The Haridwar city offers many allurements. Sojourn the places of worship; enjoy the sight of the luminous diyas floating on the river and shop by the vibrant bazaars. Best Time to visit Haridwar in Jaipur to Haridwar taxi services is from October to March.

  • Bilwa Kankhal, Gangadwar, Nilaparvata, Kushavarta and Theertha are considered to be the five great bathing spots of this city. Everything can be covered in a day's time availing the intercity cabs from Jaipur to Haridwar.

  • Visit it early morning to witness worshippers offering prayers and in the evenings you the spectacular Ganga aarti mesmerizes when thousands of diyas illuminating the sacred waters. Online cab booking for taxi services from Jaipur to Haridwar is now convenient and cost-effective.

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