A Whirlwind of Flavours – Must eat Food of Mumbai

Mumbai’s food has the enormity of purity and authenticity that gives it a personal touch – as most foodies would agree. They know it's real when it hits the heart with joy. Here’s a list of food items that are true to the air of Mumbai.

  • Batata Vada: Infused with ‘Desiness’, Batata Vada sandwiches between two slices of Pav does justice to the spicy bomb of flavours that explode in the mouth as one tries it. With over thousands of stalls that serve it with onions and chutney on the side, batata vada is favoured by all of Mumbai.

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  • Bombil Fry: The Bombay Duck, in reality, a fish, is crunchy on the skin, soft with the meat and a favourite amongst seafood lovers of Mumbai.

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  • Bhel Puri: One can simply not speak of chaat without thinking foremost of bhel puri in Mumbai. Equipped with little bags and quick recipes, Bhel Puri walas are spread in Mumbai, giving delicious chaat on-the-go in no time and money.

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  • Frankie: Frankies are a delicious, crispy roll filled with extra stuffing. It can fill up the stomach and make for a good meal.

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  • Chai, Maska and Kanda Poha: The go-to snack with chai for the people of Mumbai is this buttery Maska bun which is perfect in its size and taste. Poha is the staple breakfast interspersed with onions.

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  • Seafood: Being on the coast, Mumbai is rich with its seafood delicacies, most common of which are the Butter Garlic Crab, Surmai fries, Mutton Masala, Tisrya and Prawns. The colours and flavours are all tantalising. 

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  • Keema Pav: Delicious minced meat oozing Indian flavours alongside pav is what any non-vegetarian with scrutinising taste buds approves of.

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  • Modak: Can’t miss out on the sweet that travels most commonly during the Ganesh Chaturthi to our taste buds, can we? Modak are sweet, soft laddoos that imbibe the heart of Mumbai.

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Celebrated and renowned for most types of cuisines, ranging from prices affordable and top-notch, Mumbai is, indeed, a whirlwind of flavours that will simply leave you astounded and want for more.

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