A guide to the-best-things-to-do in Agra

There is no hiding the fact that Agra is a major tourist attraction. Enriched with the legacy left behind by the Mughal rule and history over there, Agra has so much to show that one is quite often left bewildered of how to visit a great many places all in time. You can also visit Agra in no time by taking Intercity Cab Service from Chandigarh To Agra.
Here is a guide to the best places to be at in Agra.

1. The Taj Mahal

Quite obvious, Taj Mahal is the one mausoleum you can absolutely not leave without visiting. The glory of Agra, in many aspects, revolves around this majestic ivory-white beauty. The most favored time to see Taj Mahal is during sunrises and sunsets as the sun shines over the dome and pillars leaving a palette of colors.

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2. Agra Fort

Mughal architecture at its finest, the Agra Fort is a red sandstone and marble fortress, bound to leave your sights in wonder. The Yamuna flows along the eastern side of the Fort which has enacted as a military structure, a palace, and a prison during the Mughal dynasty’s reign.

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3. Kinari Bazaar

Colorful markets situated in the narrow streets behind the Jama Masjid from the Kinari Bazaar – one of the most beautiful markets in India selling vibrant clothes, shoes, jewelry, fabrics, marble, and so much more. Flooded with people and bustling throughout the year, the energy traveling in this area should not be missed.

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4.Jama Masjid

Build by Shah Jahan's daughter, and surrounded by the Kinari Bazaar and beautiful gardens, the Jama Masjid is a mosque with striking marble patterns covering its domes. It’s large and crowded with devotees and tourists.

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5. Mehtab Bagh

The ‘Moonlight Garden’ is situated on the banks of Yamuna, right opposite the beautiful Taj. Destroyed long ago, it has been reconstructed to keep the ivory white of the Taj, and as a place for serenity and calmness. The garden is aligned with the Taj and has pretty fountains to increase its aesthetic value.

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6. Eat Agra ka Petha

How can one miss out of food? Amidst the chaat shops are shops selling Agra ka Petha, which is a famous sweet dish from Agra, and truly so. It is delicious and not too costly, and can be endeavoured at any point, as it is found all throughout Agra.

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This list is not all-inclusive, and there are various beautiful tombs and mausoleums to be visited, shops to be seen, bustling streets to be observed. Just hit the road and visit Agra by taking Online Intercity Cab from Chandigarh To Agra. 

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