5 specialities of Agra in Food

Agra has an absolutely amazing cuisine and may surely make you crave for it. If you are a foodie, then you must book a cab from Gurgaon to Agra now!

Agra is a very historic site and has some UNESCO recognized World Heritage sites. Visit these UNESCO recognized sites is a must for everyone in their life. Now coming to the major concern of the city that is food. Food of Agra is splendid and extremely delicious. The visitors should taste some food items. We have listed below the specialties of Agra that one must surely taste. So, quickly taxi from Gurgaon to Agra and get started!

1. Mughlai Food

Mughlai food is the most prominent cuisine that can be found easily in Agra. Being a Mughal Capital in the past, it also has the essence of real Mughlai Food. Rogan Josh and Nihari, Kachri Keema, Qeema Matar, Meat Durbari, Kofta Shorba are some of the well known Mughlai dishes. Mughlai food also possesses some amazing desserts like Falooda, Shahi Tukra, Sheer Korma, Kesari Firni.

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2. Bedhai & Kachori

Bedhai and Kachori is a breakfast dish in Agra. It is a traditional dish of the city and can found at every street corner easily. It is a type of street food a bit spicy in taste served with a kachori and a bowl of curd.

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3. Chaat

Agra has an amazing variety of street foods. Chaat is just one of them. Bhalla is the most popular street food dish in Agra. It is a perfect evening snack for the people over there. There is a place in Aga known as chaat vali gaali which is located near the Sadar bazaar. This place is very famous for street food items and is a must visit if one has the desire to explore the cuisine of Agra.

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4. Dalmoth

Dalmoth is another snack that you would not be aware of as it is largely available only in Agra. This snack is not very well spread upon in other states of India though it has a unique taste. Dalmoth is basically a dry snack or in other words a namkeen.

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5.  Petha
Petha is a signature dish of Agra. Petha is the most famous dish of the city and is popular all over India. This is basically a sweet dish which has been produced in Agra from centuries. It is recommended to taste Petha once if you are planning a visit to Agra.

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Agra is waiting for you, it’s time you do Intercity Taxi Booking Gurgaon To Agra!

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