5 Places to Eat in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar is a historic, serene town in Maharashtra with breathtaking tourist destinations. Every year,  hundreds of people come to the town to savour its Venus. The town is a whole package, from hills to grasslands to Waterfalls, Ahmednagar has it all. The easiest way to commute is to book the best cab services from Mumbai to Ahmednagar. The splendour of the town has been accounted for various years, and it only gets better as the time passes. One of the lesser known facts about Ahmednagar though is the whole range of traditional delicacies it has to offer. We bring to you the five best places where you can gobble! And to reach there with ease, you can hire an intercity cab Mumbai to Ahmednagar.

1. The Main market street- Chapati, Bhakri and Bhaji along with rice & dal/amti is something which traditional to Maharashtra, and though dishes like these are fast losing popularity in cities like Mumbai, Ahmednagar in the interiors of Maharashtra is still famous for its mouthwatering Bhakri. Do visit the Market area street shops for a fresh and scrumptious meal. To enjoy the full ride with no problems just book an online cab service from Mumbai to Ahmednagar.

2. Woodlands Restaurant- This is some place which serves delectable food and when in Ahmednagar do visit the place to savor on Traditional and International foods! To have the full essence of the restaurants and for easy communication book an online taxi service from Mumbai to Ahmednagar.

3. Darga Daira- This is an authentic place in Ahmednagar known to serve heavenly Biryani, Butter Chicken and Kebabs. If you are a fan of traditional cuisine preparations, this is just the place for you! And feel no problem in going to the place as you can Book the best car rental from Mumbai to Ahmednagar for that. Do visit for an exquisite experience.

4. Juna Bazaar- This market road is an ultimate destination for foodies! From traditional Missal Pao to scrumptious Kebabs, Juna Bazaar is every foodie’s wet dream! When in Ahmednagar to visit for one of the best preparations in town and take and no headache of reaching the place, the best intercity cab services do it for you.

5. Urban Colony- After savouring various delicacies, a sweet dish is a must. Visit here for great Puran Poli and Sheera. Modaks here are to die for.  And to visit the place, Hire cab service from Mumbai to Ahmednagar.

Ahmednagar is a beautiful array of cultures and with them come various flavours. When here never miss a chance to eat! Taste all the flavours, but not the flavour of any problem so book the safest cab services from Mumbai to Ahmednagar for easy communication. Bon Appetite!


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