5 must visit Vineyards in Nashik for Wine Connoisseur

The last few years have led to an increase in the popularity of Indian Wine not just in the country but also internationally. This sudden upsurge in the popularity of Indian Wine has led to favoured response towards wine tourism. Indian vineyards known for producing grapes with sweet-sour aroma are popular worldwide. The main vineyard that takes India to such pedestal is in Nashik, Maharashtra. People mostly prefer taxi from Mumbai to Nashik. Climatic conditions in Nashik are favourable for the production of grapes. Good weather conditions, especially in winters and monsoon create a beautiful landscape. It needn’t be necessary for you to be a Connoisseur to visit a Vineyard; the places themselves are spectacular and soothing to the eyes hence paying them a visit while exploring Nashik is a good idea.

So, here are 5 of the best vineyards that one must visit while on a tour to Nashik, book your taxi service from mumbai to nashik:

1) The Sula Vineyard: The Sula vineyard of Nashik is spread across an area of 160 acres. Being a home to a thick cover of grape plantations this vineyard is known to be Nashik’s first commercial winery.

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2) The York Vineyard: Another favoured destination for wine lovers and connoisseurs is York Vineyard. Visit this place by hiring Mumbai to Nashik Cab rental service. Its lush green orchards give an immense pleasure to the visitor. Fresh environment and beautiful rest houses make a visit to it feel truly worthy to the visitor. The winery has a built up capacity of almost 1 million litres and produces both red and white wine. This Vineyard is known widely because of its use of barrels to store wine which makes it the first of its kind in the country and the huge storage area across which it is spread, approximately 6000 sq. ft.

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3) Vallone Vineyar: It’s considered to be one of the best vineyards of India. Vallonné Vineyard brings to Nashik, French style of winemaking using finest of techniques and state of the art technology. Established in the year 2009 the Vineyard is located on the slopes of Kavnai and offers a beautiful view around. It offers scenic views of the landscape around.

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4) Soma Wine Village: The word Soma refers to an intoxicant juice extracted from a special variety of plant which was offered in ancient times. Deriving its name from the same, the soma vine village offers a lot of facilities such as gym, spa, swimming pool and a lot more. Far from the city’s hustle and bustle you can relax yourself and get a number of body therapies. Here, you can enjoy luxuries and praise the beauty of nature, while you sit under the shade of a tree with a glass of luscious and savoury nectar. The quality of grapes used in winemaking is excellent and the environ makes you feel like you are in paradise (on Earth of course).

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5) The Sula Domaine Dindori Vineyard: Located along the edge of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam and surrounded by the magnificent Sahyadri Ranges makes this one of the finest crafted beauties of nature. Its wine has a special aroma which makes the visitor feel relaxed and stress-free.

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