5 Mouth-Watering Delicacies You Must Try in Haridwar

Haridwar is extremely famous for the amazing vegetarian food that you get here. After having a bath and several dips in the holy water of Ganga; people are extremely hungry because the ritual says not to eat anything before the bath. People then stop to eat various kinds of dishes that are a speciality of Haridwar. Book Taxi from Noida to Haridwar now!

Book Cab Service from Noida to Haridwar and try these 5 mouth-watering delicacies:

  • Puri-Aloo- You are likely to see almost every shop serving this at a price as low as Rs. 30. Every shop has a big utensil filled with boiling oil where they are deep frying the puri. It is extremely oily but at the same time very fresh and tasty. When you step out of the water and feel extremely hungry, this is the best to fill your stomach. It tastes best with Lassi.

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  • Chole-Bhature- It’s been decades since this amazing north-indian dish is being served in Haridwar. No matter how hot it is, people still have a gala time eating this. The dish is served with tangy mint chutney and onion salad. Some of the places run out of food even at 5 in the evening. Now, you can imagine the kind of popularity this dish has in Haridwar.

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  • Malpua and Halwa- No matter how much full your stomach is; there is always some space for the dessert. This is the best dessert you will find in Haridwar. Your mouth would literally be watering as soon as you smell it and then moong dal ka halwa is a sheer treat to your stomach.

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  • Gulab-Jamun: This is another dessert which is extremely popular in the region. You can see big-big utensils (kadhai) filled with hundreds of gulab jamuns which are served extremely hot to the customers. The looks of these gulab jamuns can actually be very deceptive. So, do not go near if you are on a diet.

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  • Kachori-Aloo: Another crisp and hot snack that you will find at every other stall. It is the most famous breakfast snack. You can see long queues in front of the stalls as early as 6 in the morning.

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These are a few things that you should definitely give a try when you are in Haridwar. Time to Hire Cab Noida to Haridwar!


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