5 facts about Wardha you didn't know

There’s nothing better than knowing a little about places you might want to visit because sometimes these small things make you stand out in the group.

Listed below are some of the things about Wardha that you didn’t know, so Hire Cab Nashik to Wardha and explore Wardha now.

1) The City and The River

The city Wardha of Maharashtra gets its name from the Wardha River which flows at the North, West and South boundaries of district. You can even Hire a Taxi From Nashik to Wardha or take local buses too.
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2) History of the City

Wardha has been a city that has had numerous rulers who reigned over it until finally the British came and conquered it. From being a Hindu kingdom of Berar- the king of Vidharbha, to later being a part of Chalukya Rajput dynasty, then further down the line being a part of the Imad Shahi dynasty, the Mughal Empire and the Marathas, the city in 1866 finally came to be known as Wardha and inhabited in it the district headquarters.
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3) Kelzar Ganpati Temple

The temple is the historical place, and its history dates back to "Vashishtha Purana". The temple is situated near the Bor National Tiger Reserve & Bird sanctuary. The Kelzar Ganpati Temple is situated about 26 km from Wardha on the Nagpur road. The place is also mentioned in "Mahabharata" as Ekchakranagari. According to myth, Pandavas lived here during agyatvas. Bhima killed Bakasura at this place and threw down this hill. For a fun and safe journey book Safe Pick & Drop from Nashik to Wardha.
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4) Vishwa Shanti Stupa

This large stupa of white colour has statues of Buddha that are mounted on it facing the four directions. Being one of many Peace Pagoda's which have been built around the world prayers are done for universal peace in a temple near the stupa.
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5) Formation of the Wardha District

Wardha was still a part of the Nagpur District until 1862. The British felt that the very valuable cotton industry in this part of the Wardha valley needed special supervision. The District headquarters were first located at Kaotha, near Pulgaon, but in 1866 they were removed to their present site, and the town of Wardha.
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The city of Wardha unlike any other has a lot of stories to tell, things that one would really like to know. Go, book Intercity Cab Nashik to Wardha without wasting time anymore.


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