4 Things you must buy in Agra

Enclosed with markets that provide every piece of beauty right from fabrics and clothes to shoes, bags, leather items, marble pieces, jewellery and so much more, Agra is renowned and credited for shopping precious, wonderful goods. You can visit Agra by taking Intercity Cab Chandigarh To Agra.

Here are four things you must buy in Agra:

1. Marble

The exquisite, delicate marble goods of Agra are popular worldwide. Coming in all forms, sizes, and shapes, for disparate uses, any piece of marble becomes a thing you must buy while in Agra. You can take Intercity Taxi Chandigarh To Agra. Ornate marble souvenirs are sold by salesmen, such as boxes, vases, coasters etc, engraved with pietre dura work and flower motifs. They are in-laid with precious stones and intricate designs.

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Factories and shops of Agra produce leathered goods like shoes, bags, jackets etc. Leather is a famous manufacturing item here, and original leather bought from Agra has a great value attached to it. The variety, again, is limitless in it’s shoes, briefcases, carry bags and hand bags, leather jackets etc. Traditional ‘jutis’ (shoes) for women are also made. Agra exports leathered goods all across India. You can reach the market by taking Intercity Taxi Service Chandigarh To Agra. Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazar and Munro Road have amazing deals for these products.

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3. Rugs and Carpets

Another product worth noting and buying are the soft carpets and rugs that the shops and emporiums have. These shops become famous for the careful, hand woven carpets, wall hangings, small rugs, and mats which are more delicate and chosen over factory-made ones. You can reach these shops easily by taking Intercity Cab Booking Chandigarh To Agra. Carpets of all designs, colors, prices can be bought from Shilpagram Crafts Village.

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4. Brasswares

Brass is yet another manufacturing item brought and sold in Agra through a variety of products – ornamental boxes, pipes and fixtures, utensils and plates, vases and jars, metal sculptures, safe boxes. Brasswares can be brought from Gangotri Emporium and Shilpagram Crafts Village.

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Thus, some of the best markets offer the best products that Agra has to offer, aside from the souvenirs. These are the Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar, Munro Road, Shilpagram Crafts Village, etc.

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