4 things to do in Haridwar

Located in the very beautiful state of Uttarakhand, Haridwar needs no introductions. It consists of two words, Hari (God) and Dwar(door) that means Haridwar is a gateway to god. It is an ancient city and a very significant Hindu pilgrimage site. Located on the banks of river Ganga, Haridwar is a beautiful getaway from Delhi. Hire a Taxi From Gurgaon to Haridwar. Perfect place for someone who is looking for peace and beauty.

So we present you top 4 things to do in Haridwar that’ll make your trip a memorable one, Book Best Cab from Gurgaon to Haridwar.

  • Har ki Pauri- this place is always very crowded because of its religious significance. The ghat is beautifully organized for the devotees to take a dip in the holy ganges. It is believed that whoever takes a dip in the holy river achieves salvation. The atmosphere has altogether a different vibe here, with thousands of devotes taking a dip in the river while singing bhajans.

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  • Ganga Aarti- Ganga aarti is a beautiful ceremony to worship the holy river, Ganga, because it provides life in form of water. Millions of people from all over the world come to witness this beautiful ceremony. Watch the priests performing the aarti and chanting the holy mantras while waving your legs in the majestic Ganga.

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  • Mansa Devi Temple- Located atop a hill, you can reach the temple by a cable car or by trekking. The view from the cable car is fabulous. Though it is always crowded, the temple is well managed and you can have a peaceful darshan. And do not forget to visit Chandi Devi temple as well.

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  • Rajaji Tiger Reserve- This beautiful national park, located in Haridwar is very famous for its wild flora and fauna. You can easily get Taxis from Gurgaon to Haridwar. Not only tigers, the reserve has a number of elephants as well. The best time to visit the reserve is in the month of May. With some beautiful landscapes, Rajaji reserve is the best place for a day out with your friends and family.

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