4 Things to buy in Matheran

Matheran is the country’s smallest hill station, with a total area of only 7 square kilometres. It is situated about 800 m above the sea level. And since it is a small city, there are no large shopping complexes or malls to shop for, or any Adidas or Peter England to buy new clothes from.

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But it is good, right? After all, if you are going to a new place, isn’t it better to buy something that is staple to that region instead of buying the same thing that you can find about 55 km away in Mumbai? Book cabs from Nashik to Matheran without any wait!

So if you visit Matheran, here are four things you must shop for:

1. Chikkis: It is a sweet that can make any Marathi person hungry at any time of the day. Chikkis are Marathi sweets made of nuts and jaggery and are a staple dish of Matheran along with other places in Maharashtra. People often take back more than 10 kg of Chikkis once they visit Matheran. Want to try it? Then book Intercity Cab Service Nashik to Matheran.

How to go: taxi from Nashik to Matheran

2. Leather goods: Matheran has great collection of leather goods, such as bags and belts. Matheran also has a large variety of Kolhapuri slippers, which are famous throughout Maharashtra and are an essential part of the traditional Marathi attire.

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3. Roadside shops: Small scale shops in Matheran sell glass birds and dried flowers which are made locally by the people. You can reach to this market by taking Intercity Cab Nashik to Matheran. There are many places and bazaars where there are shops selling all the artwork made by the localites of the region.

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4. Souvenirs: Matheran is famous of trekking spots and its calm, serene environment. The best souvenir that can be taken back is photo frames and books that are available in Matheran that tell the story of the place and the natural bliss it provides.

How to go: taxi service from Nashik to Matheran




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