4 Reasons To Visit Shimla

Shimla is a dream destination for all travel lovers – dense forests, ice capped mountains, magnificent hills and a fun filled city. An ideal place for trekking and enjoying the beauty of nature, Shimla is a place which is in everyone’s “Places to visit” list. Mostly people prefer, Gurgaon to Shimla Online Cab services.

And if you have skipped Shimla from your list, here are 4 reasons to change your mind:

1. The journey: If you approach Shimla by trains, you can travel with the world famous toy trains, which run between Shimla and  Kalka. You can even take Gurgaon to Shimla Best Cab services. The trains are built keeping in mind the hills and offer a mini tour of the city. If you go to Shimla by road, you can reach there through Gurugram or Chandigarh via the NH44 and NH5, which offers you breathtaking views of the hills surrounding the city.

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2. The natural beauty: Shimla is surrounded by 7 hills, each covered by dense forests and ice on the top. It is a view with unparalleled beauty, especially for someone who has lived in large cities. The forests not only add a touch a green to the background but also hold the soil and rocks together with their roots, making the area safe from avalanches.

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3. Places to visit: Wouldn’t it be cool to boast that you have seen a place which holds a world record? Well, Shimla has the world’s largest statue – a statue of the Hindu God Hanuman – which is even tallest than the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. We suggest you take Gurgaon to Shimla Best Taxi service. Shimla also has the Rashtrapati Niwas and also the oldest post office in the country – something to bluff about if you are a history buff.

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4. Mountaineering: With the city built around hills, there is so much to explore, and so many hills and rocks to be climbed. You can reach here by taking Gurgaon to Shimla Online Taxi service. While climbing mountains without supervision might be risky, most places in Shimla are safe to trek, which is a dream for all travel lovers.

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