4 Reasons To Trek in Shimla

Shimla, the Queen of Hills, is a paradise for trekkers. The hills call you, with the cold winds from the North accompanying the lush green forests around them. You can hire Best Intercity Cab from Gurgaon To Shimla to reach this amazing place. Shimla is one of the most popular destinations in India for trekkers, because of the relatively small population of the place and the ample amount of opportunities to trek.

If Shimla isn’t in your top 3 destinations for trekking, then maybe these 4 reasons will make you change your mind, and you will end up booking Outstation Cab Gurgaon To Shimla.

1. The Seven Hills: Shimla is a city built on 7 big hills -Prospect Hill, Inveram Hill, Observatory Hill, Summer Hill, Elysium Hill, Jakhoo Hill and Bantony Hill. These seven hills give trekkers a lot of opportunities to chose their paths, and you can always resort to a different one in case your plan A doesn’t work out. You can hire Gurgaon to Shimla taxi service. Also, the hills are covered with large trees, whose roots hold the soil and make the hills a safe place to camp.

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2. The journey: You’ll be lost in the beauty of nature even before you reach Shimla. The hills can be seen from a large distance, and if you reach Shimla from Gurgaon or Chandigarh via the NH 5, then you will get to see the natural grace of the Queen of Hills in all her glory. The time you book Gurgaon to Shimla Cab service. Once you set your eyes on it, it becomes really hard to resist the pull of the adrenaline.

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3. Much more to see: While you trek, you can circumnavigate the entire city to see all the attractions there are. You can visit the Himachal Airbase while walking, or the statue of Lord Hanuman as well, which is the largest statue ever built in the world.

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4. Adventure: Because a trek on a flat plain or a hill without any forests or without snow is just not worth it. The hills of Shimla provide a safe but adventure filled experience to all those who visit, and you can also find some animals that roam around the jungle in the wild. The view from the top of the hills is simply breathtaking and makes up for all the hard work you had to do to get there.

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