4 Places of Accommodation in Shimla

The most popular tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, the capital of the state, sees thousands of people visiting every year. The place is filled with tons of adventure activities, such as trekking and mountain climbing. People prefer Intercity Cab Gurgaon To Shimla. And while Shimla is built entirely on hills, there are still many different hotels in the city to offer a room to stay for the visiting people.

Out of all the places to stay there, we try to choose 4 of the best hotels to stay, so book your Intercity Cab Service Gurgaon To Shimla now:

1. Book an Oyo: Oyo has slowly established itself as the leading chain of hotels throughout the country, with hotels in every city. The best way to reach Intercity Taxi Service Gurgaon To Shimla. Not only are Oyo rooms cheaper, but they also offer relationship mode, which is rarely offered in other places. So a romantic trip with your girlfriend to Shimla is also possible, courtesy Oyo Rooms.

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2. Oberoi Cecil: Nothing gets bigger than this. If you want the finest stay experience and have some extra bucks to spend, who not go big and book one of the largest 5-star hotels in India, one of the hotels of the well-known Oberoi chain of Hotels? The hotel is the most luxurious place you will find in Shimla, and you should try it out surely, because everyone deserves royal treatment once in awhile, eh? Book Intercity Cab from Gurgaon To Shimla now!

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3. Honeymoon Inn: Contrary to the name, the hotel isn’t exclusively for honeymoons. It is situated near the Chief Minister's’ residence and Mall Road, which makes it safe as well as very quiet. This is good for introverted people, who would prefer relaxing in their rooms rather than roaming outside in the rush.

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4. Suro Treehouse Resort: What better than having a room with a window that gives you a view of the beautiful snow-capped mountains of Shimla, and the lush green forests that cover them? The Suro resort is built on the hilly area but is still very safe, and gives an excellent view into the natural beauty of Shimla. It is also cheaper as compared to other hotels in Shimla which are comparable in terms of facilities provided to the guests.

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