4 must visit places of Matheran

Just 90 km away from Mumbai, Matheran is a small untouched hill station. In fact, it is the smallest hill station in Asia. It is a pollution free and 100 percent eco-friendly hill station as no motor vehicles are allowed in the premises. It is pleasant throughout the year but the best time to visit Matheran is Monsoon season. Matheran is a perfect place for people who just want to relax and do nothing at all.

Thinking about how to reach this beautiful hill station?
By rail: Mini rail from Neral to Matheran in 2 hours.
By road: Intercity Cab Mumbai to Matheran.
By foot: A beautiful trek of 3 hours from Neral to Matheran.

So we present you with 4 must-visit places of Matheran. So Get Taxi service from Mumbai to Matheran, and get going!

  • Louisa Point– With breathtaking views and vast greenery this place is a must visit in Matheran. In monsoons, you can even see small waterfalls. Perfect place to zone out and just chit-chat with your loved ones over a cup of tea. Apart from the serene natural view, it also lets you have a clear view of Prabal and Vishalgarh fort. To reach this place you can take Cab from Mumbai to Matheran.

Best way to reach this place: Taxi from Mumbai to Matheran

  • Prabal Fort– Situated at a flat-top hill, Prabal Fort is a very famous tourist spot in Matheran. You can book Outstation Cab Mumbai to Matheran to reach this scenic spot under your comfort. The fort was seized by Shivaji the great from Mughals. It is also believed that Mughals hid their treasure in the fort before Shivaji captured it. If you are in Matheran, then Prabal Fort should definitely be on your list. You can also get Intercity Taxi Mumbai to Matheran without any problem.

  • One Tree Hill – All the adventure seekers, listen up! One tree hill in Matheran offers one of the best treks with spellbinding views. There is only one tree on the top of the hill, and that is how it got the name ‘one tree hill'. Get ready for some mind-blowing sweeping view of the Western Ghats, get your Taxis from Mumbai to Matheran ready to roll!

  • Porcupine Point –  It is the best point in Matheran to witness one of the most dramatic sunsets in your life. After a long walk to the point from the main market, you can find yourself a perfect spot where you sit and just watch the bewitching mountain ranges along with a cup of coffee.

We gave you enough reasons to visit this place! So, go and explore this enchanting place, hire an Economical Taxi service from Mumbai to Matheran, and make your trip a bit more cheaper!

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