4 Facts you must know about Matheran

Matheran is a mini Hill station in the state of Maharashtra, situated 55 km from the state capital Mumbai. This place is situated in the Raigarh area of Maharashtra and is completely isolated from the busy city life. The place is best known for its sunrise and sunset views. You can get Intercity Taxi Nashik to Matheran easily. There are 2 parks and 4 major places of worship in Matheran, and you can go there to give peace to your eyes and soul.

Time to book Intercity Taxi Service Nashik to Matheran now, but before one visits Matheran, one must know these four facts about the place:

1. No vehicles: Matheran is an eco-sensitive region and hence all petrol and diesel automobiles are banned in the area. The only means of transportation in Matheran are horse rides and walking on foot. This is done so as to preserve the ecological balance of the area.

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2. Photographer's Heaven: Matheran is a delightful place for anyone who is interested in photography. The scenery of the area is picture perfect and is worth clicking, whether it is from your phone camera or through a high-end DLSR.

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3. Cuisine: Matheran has one of the widest ranges of cuisine available. You can taste them by taking Intercity Taxi from Nashik to Matheran. You can find Punjabi and Gujarati cuisine in Matheran other than the traditional Marathi dishes such as Vada Pav and Chikkis.

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4. Toy Train: Matheran also has its own railway junction, a unique feat for a town which is only 7 square km in area. Book Intercity Cab Service from Nashik to Matheran. The station comes under Narrow Gauge stations and is a historical heritage site. On the track, toy trains are run frequently which can take you to and fro from the nearest town of Neral. The running system of the train is quite advanced and you can also check all the details of the trains online.

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