3 Indigenous Cuisines of Wardha

Wardha is a small yet Copernican city in the western state of Maharashtra. Wardha gets its name from the Wardha River which flows at the North, West and South boundaries of the district. Known for its multitude of cuisines ranging from traditional Maharashtrian to Indian to sub-continental and Chinese, the food also varies in its nature that is, being sweet, moderately spicy or intensely spicy. The city typically has wheat, rice, fruits, vegetables, lentils, bajra, and jowar as the major ingredients in its food items. Owing to the richness in its food menu Wardha apart from all this offers the foodies with delectable indigenous cuisines, a few of which are listed below: 

1) Upma

Also known as sanja, this dish with its taste and name, and composition bears great similarity to the South-Indian dish ‘Uttapam’. It is a thick and dense porridge that contains in it spices, green chillies, and onions as taste enhancers. 

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2) Vada Pav 

‘Vada Pav’ is a name that is not so distant to us. The dish due to its mouth-watering smell, taste, and appearance has successfully made its way into almost all the hotels and restaurants as a snack that has a never ending demand. It is one of the most loved and immensely popular snacks available at almost every street corner in Wardha. This typical Maharashtrian food item has earned itself the tag of the ‘Indian Burger’ due to its visual presentation. Vada pav craving? book Intercity Taxi Service Nashik to Wardha.

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3) Poha 

Made of flattened rice, this delicious food item is generally offered alongside tea, and is one of the most popular household cuisines in Wardha. Come Visit, book an Intercity Cab Booking Nashik to Wardha today!

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