3 Best eateries in Matheran

Matheran is a hill station situated in the Raigarh district of Maharashtra. It is the smallest hill station of India, but still sees thousands of people visiting to witness the beautiful views of the Charlotte Lake and the greenery surrounding it through the viewing points throughout the city. If you’re a fan of lush greenery then book Intercity Taxi Service from Nashik to Matheran now!

People from all over the India visit Matheran very frequently, and it has had an impact on the cuisine of the place as well. The food of the area is predominantly Marathi but many places also serve lip-smacking food of other cultures as well, most notably Gujrati and Punjabi. People visit this place mostly by Intercity Taxi Booking from Nashik to Matheran. Most places in Matheran to eat are the hotels themselves, as very few people venture out of their rooms to eat, and this has resulted in a very small number of independent restaurant owners in Matheran.

Out of all the places to eat in Matheran, we pick the three best of them:

1. The Verandah in the Forest: One of the most lavish places to eat in Matheran, The Verandah in the Forest will make you forget that you still are not living in Mumbai. You can book Online Intercity Cab from Nashik to Matheran and be there. The best option to visit this place is either by your own car or by Best Intercity Cab Nashik to Matheran. The four-course meals served there and their snacks are no short of the food served in some of the best hotels in large metropolitan cities. If you want a taste of fine dining, Matheran has the Verandah. Not only is the food great, but the rooms and other facilities for staying there are also top notch, making it the best place in Matheran to stay.

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2. Lord’s Central Hotel: A hotel which is the only place which can guarantee you views over the forests, the Lord’s Hotel still has glimpses of influence of the British Raj. You can do Nashik to Matheran Taxi Booking to reach there. The place has a bar and a big dining room, and just like most other places of stay, offers great food to the guests that visit and very low rates.

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3. Kokan Katta: One of the few places in Matheran to serve non-veg food, the fish and chicken curry of this place is simply out of this world. Kokan Katta serves authentic Indian and spicy food at unbelievable rates. It is a small shop which offers you the true taste of Konkan and Maharashtra on a plate.

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