Tourist attractions in Mohali

Mohali, also known as the shopper’s paradise is a well-known tourist attraction, you must know it? If you are anywhere around Mohali, you can directly reach here by taking an intercity taxi from Noida to Mohali, or you can also opt for best cab services from Noida to Mohali.
Adjacent to Chandigarh, Mohali has some really amazing tourist attractions. The place will never leave you heart-broken, some of them are:

1. Amb Sahib Gurudwara – In Punjabi, ‘amb’ is the translation of mangoes. This religious place was named after a mango tree blessed by none other than the fifth Guru of Sikhism, guru Arjan Dev. This place is also symbolic of being blessed by Guru Har Rai. People who want to reach this place get cab service from Noida to Mohali or they can also book a cab from Noida to Mohali.

2. Bhakra Nangal Dam –  This dam situated few miles from Punjab. Built across the Sutlej River, this dam has greenery all around it. Due to this, this is also considered to be one of the finest picnic spots. You can enjoy a picnic here and to reach here, you can reach here by booking an outstation taxi Noida to Mohali, or you can get online taxi services from Noida to Mohali.

3. PCA Stadium – the Punjab Cricket Association or PCA Stadium is the main attraction because India is a country where cricket is not a sport, it is a religion and worshipers of this religion are far too many! So the home ground of the IPL. The Mohali stadium is home to so many cricket matches and fans come here every now and then.  So reaching this place is all the more easy with cab from Noida to Mohali.

Mohali is known to be the hub of commercial products. Along with this, you can also shop in Mohali as this place is also known as the shoppers paradise. If you are mad about shopping, we highly recommend you to visit the markets to Mohali, and you will find a paradise literally!

So, book a Best Taxi service from Noida to Mohali and enjoy the place.  

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