Tourist attraction in Katra for youth

Whenever someone thinks of Katra, you are reminded of Vaishno Devi and religious events at the temple. And though a temple visit sounds really fun if you are a 40-year-old uncle visiting with his family or if you are very religious and have made an oath to visit the temple every year, it doesn’t sound worth the effort if you are a 21-year-old guy who just wants to relax freely. In all honesty, standing in a line for 2 hours for visiting a temple sometimes isn’t as good as relaxing by a lake.
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If you are a youngster who is looking for tourist attractions at Katra, then don’t be afraid, for there is a lot you can still do.

  • The Bagh e Bahu fort is one of the most underappreciated places to visit near Katra. It was built in 19th century by a Sikh ruler, and it includes a temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. Even though it is a place of religious worship, the bagh also has gardens where you can spend time with your friends.

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  • The Sanasar lake is the name given to two villages called Sana and Sar near each other. There are also two lakes by the same name which combine to form the Sanasar Lake. Sanasar is famous for adventure sports and natural attractions, and there is also a full-sized golf course in the region. Sanasar is an area which is loved by adventure lovers and trekkers because of easy approach and the greenery of the surroundings.

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However, just because you are young, you haven't banished from temples altogether.

  • Even if you think Vaishno Devi temple is too many efforts, there are also other places of worship you can visit. The Mahamaya Temple, for instance, is not dedicated to any deity but to a lady by the name Mahamaya, who fought for the betterment of the people of the area. So a visit to this temple will also brush you up on the knowledge of the history of the place.

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So even though Katra is known for being close to the temple of  Vaishno Devi, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to it than meets the eye.

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