The land of 5 hills: Panchgani

“The land of 5 hills” or Panchgani located 317 km away from the bustling city of Nasik. It has excellent road connectivity and can be reached there by taking the Best Intercity Cab Nashik to Panchgani. On your way, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Krishna River, which accompanies you all the way through, until you reach Panchgani. If you love driving, then you can even choose Nashik to Panchgani cab rental services which come at a nominal rate. Also adding to the overall charm, this place is speckled with a number of cottages, built in the colonial style.

  • The 'Table Land' in Panchgani is the most famous destination. The city is a volcanic plateau placed at a height of 60 m and is considered as the 2nd highest in Asia after the Tibetan Plateau. It earned the name 'Table Land' for its flat surface. You should preferably hire an intercity taxi from Nashik to Panchgani in order to explore all the famous places within the city.

  • The Devil's Kitchen and Pandavgad Caves are also places to visit. They can be easily reached by taking Intercity car rental from Nashik to Panchgani.  Not to miss, publicly known for their religious aspects, the Rajpuri Caves and lord Kartikeya’s temple witness a number of tourists from around the country as well. Surrounding these ancient caves are many ponds called 'kunds', and it is assumed that if anyone takes dip in these sacred ponds will be free from all diseases, sins & evils.

  • Make sure that Nashik to Panchgani cab services include the above destinations as well. Few other places worth going is the Parsi Point which is the main picnic spot, situated on the way to Mahabaleshwar. Wai, a city situated on the banks of the Krishna River, is famous for its picturesque scenery. It is spread across a plethora of temples in the seven ghats. The prime ones are Madhi Aali, Gangapuri, Dharmapuri, Ganpati Aali, Brahmanshahi, Bhimkund and Ramdoh. These places are mostly available in packages provided by Intercity Cab Booking Nashik to Panchgani.

An intercity taxi booking Nashik to Panchgani will help you to move around the city freely and you can also visit some local shopping areas at your convenience. You can shop for natural products and a variety of handmade goods there. Local handicrafts, slippers, and bags are certain products that may catch your attention. You can also explore Mahabaleshwar which is a little ahead of the city in case your intercity cab from Nasik to Panchgani is both ways. Mahabaleshwar is also a place worth visiting.

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