The Beauty of Jaipur: Blue Pottery and its Legend

Jaipur, the Pink city, the land of magnificent monuments, the land with its profound royal heritage, is also famous for its exotic blue pottery. It is of the Turko-Persian origin and is considered the traditional craft of Jaipur. It is named ‘Blue Pottery’ owing to its mesmerising blue hue which is due to the blue dye used to colour the crafts.

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The use of blue glaze on pottery was first developed by Mongolians who combined Chinese art and glazing technology with Persian decorative arts. It travelled eastward to India following the Turkish invasion in the 14th century. The Mughals also started using the art to build and decorate Mosques, tombs and buildings. To witness the beautiful blue pottery of Jaipur, visit the Pink city by Online Intercity Cab from Noida to Jaipur or Best Intercity Cab Noida to Jaipur.

This is the picture of the glazed tiles on the tomb of Sultan Ahmed Qatal in Jaipur Pirwala in Multan region.

In the 19th century, Raja Sawai Man Singhji had setup an art school for the artisans and craftsmen from all across the country to come and settle in Jaipur to learn Blue Pottery.

Materials used and the process employed in the construction of blue pottery and glazing:

Jaipur Blue Pottery is made out of a frit material similar to the Egyptian Faience and no clay is used whatsoever. The quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Fuller’s earth, borax, gum and water are added to prepare the dough. Blue colour is derived from cobalt oxide, green from copper oxide and non-conventional colours such as white, yellow or brown are also used at times.

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The process involves pressing the dough into moulds, hand painting the unfired pieces with oxide colours, then dipping in clear glaze and firing once in the wooden kilns. The whole process is a tedious and an arduous task. If you wish to visit this city, then book Intercity car rental Noida to Jaipur.


The range of items: decorative art crafts such as vases, bowls, cases for trinkets, jars, pots, saucers, tea cups, ashtrays, etc. They are semi-transparent and are usually decorated with animal and bird figures.

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