The Banana Capital of India

One of the largest cities of Maharashtra is placed in the north of Maharashtra on the northern Deccan Plateau and is crowned with the title of "The Banana Capital of Indian". Major airlines provide flights to Jalgaon which is merely 6km away from the nearest airport. People living in Pune are in a bliss because you can easily book a taxi from Pune to Jalgaon or hire cab service from Pune to Jalgaon. Most of them prefer to book online cab from Pune to Jalgaon. It is well known for the production of bananas and the business of it is prospering in the district. This thriving industrial hub was founded by Maratha and has wrangles its way from a small town to a developing and promising city.

Here are some facts and riveting information about Jalgaon, you wouldn’t want to miss. So, let’s get started quickly: 

  • Cab from Pune to Jalgaon- The taxi business in the city is booming and catching on new heights owing to the tourist attractions like Mehrun Lake in Jalgaon. Often, people get a good deal online when they book best cab Pune to Jalgaon. It is advised to hire online cab Pune to Jalgaon to save time and money. 

  • World's Largest- It is world's largest pulse milling center. Owing to the fertile land of the agricultural region of Khandesh, it is also one of the leading cotton producing regions. 

  • Mahabananas- Thanks to the growing business of bananas in the city that even the vendors have formed their guild called the mahabananas. 

  • Production- Contributing to over 16% of India's banana production, the district has over 4800 hectares of land invested in banana production. Need we say more?

  • Gold city- Jalgaon is also famous for its craftsmanship and art of jewelry making. One of the biggest jewelry markets of Maharashtra, it is known for its designs and quality of gold. 

If you are in Pune then leaving the city without visiting Jalgaon would be a foolish decision. Take a taxi service from Pune to Jalgaon or opt for an intercity cab service Pune to Jalgaon to visit this blissful place. 

Happy Journey!


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