Six Best Street Shops to Buy Authentic Rajasthani Stuff

Rajasthan’s Pink City Jaipur, much known for its forts and monuments depicting royalty and culture, is also a shopper’s paradise. For the shopaholic in you, Jaipur has many street shops selling authentic Rajasthani knick-knacks at a reasonable price to allow you to shop your heart out and carry souvenirs to make your trip memorable! Visit Jaipur by intercity Cab Noida to Jaipur, Intercity Taxi Service from Noida to Jaipur or Intercity Cab Service from Noida to Jaipur.

Here is the list of famous street shops and items you can buy in Jaipur:

1. Johari Bazaar

Welcome to the largest and most exotic collection of jewellery in Jaipur. The intricate handiwork will surely leave you mesmerized. Wit the plethora of choices among the handmade jewellery, Johari Bazaar is a delightful place to shop! Visit Jaipur by Intercity Taxi Booking Noida to Jaipur. 

2. Tripolia Bazaar  

This presents you the famous jewellery and bangles in Jaipur. Tripolia Bazaar is also a shopping arena for textile and embroidery lovers! Visit Jaipur by Best Intercity Cab Noida to Jaipur.

3. Chandpol Bazaar

Handicrafts, jewellery, pretty sculptures and flamboyant Rajasthani shoes are available at this shopping destination. Treat yourself with Rajasthan’s royal tradition! Take Best Intercity Cab from Noida To Jaipur.

4. Kishanpol Bazaar

Famous for its wooden paintings, handicrafts and souvenir market, Kishanpol Bazaar will keep you engaged for a long time! Visit this bazaar to find the exotic collection of craft works made by skilled artists. Take Outstation Cab Service Noida To Jaipur.

5. Bapu Bazaar

6. Nehru Bazaar 

Located in the heart of the Pink city, Nehru Bazaar offers you a wide range of collection of textiles and multi-coloured jootis which is a mark of the vibrant people of Rajasthan. Visit Jaipur by Noida To Jaipur Cab Booking.

With all the authentic Jaipuri items at very reasonable price, Bapu Bazaar should be your next shopping destination in Jaipur. Jewellery, textiles, embroidery, crafts, paintings and what not!

These bazaars laced with the ‘Pink’ hue will give you the ‘Pink’ impression of Jaipur and its traditional grandeur!


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