Restaurants and Eateries you must visit before leaving Agra

Noida is a systematically planned city which is under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA). It is a part of the National Capital Region and is the city with the highest per-capita income in the whole region. The city is home to many fast-growing businesses. Combined with decent climate, if you are a Noida resident you probably enjoy a decent city lifestyle. However, if you wish to visit a place steeped in history and culture, then you can visit the nearby city of Agra. You can book a taxi from Noida to Agra to aid in you journey to this majestic city. Here we will be talking about some of the many restaurants and eateries in Agra you can visit while on your trip.

1. Dasaprakash- Dasaprakash specialises in South Indian vegetarian cuisine. All the items on the menu are extremely tasty and the restaurant itself is very clean. The thalis and the place’s ice cream desserts are definitely worth your money. The interior of the restaurant is designed in such a way that customers can experience intimate dining in a friendly atmosphere. If you wish to visit this place, you can book taxi service from Noida to Agra.

2. Esphahan- If you wish to dine at Esphahan, then it is essential for you to make a reservation. Located in the Oberoi Amarvilas hotel this is Agra’s best traditional Indian restaurant. Every evening, there are two sittings in this place, one at 7 pm and the other at 9:30 pm. While the menu is not as extensive as those in other venues but the dishes which are served here are all very exquisite and also include the highest quality North Indian tandoori dishes. The atmosphere is also very romantic, as you dine while listening to live santoor performances. You can book a cab from Noida to Agra to visit this place.

3. Shankar Ji- If you are looking for a taste of the local flavour, then you definitely have to pay a visit to Shankar Ji. Shankar Ji is a popular local dhaba, or snack bar. A very simple place, you will experience a very warm welcome once you arrive here. Everyone in the staff is constantly smiling and the menu is also written in English. Shankar Ji is a must if you want to have an authentic dhaba experience. Book an intercity cab Noida to Agra now!

4. Pinch of Spice- Pinch of Spice is the best North Indian restaurant that you can find outside a 5-star hotel. The main attractions in this place are the murg boti masala, which is chicken tikka in a rich and spicy local gravy and the paneer lababdar, which is fresh diced cheese in a spicy sauce. The fine dining experience is not only limited to the food but also extends to the service and ambience of this restaurant. Book the intercity cab service Noida to Agra to reach this place.

5. Joney’s Place- If you are looking for an affordable restaurant with tasty meals, then Joney’s Place is surely the answer. This place is a delight for the locals and that is always a good sign. The dishes are all prepared in front of you, using fresh ingredients only. The staff also does a good job at making the guests feel comfortable without being too pushy. You can book an intercity taxi Noida to Agra to aid in your journey.

These are only some of the many amazing restaurants and eateries that you can visit in Agra. You can use the intercity taxi service Noida to Agra to aid in your journey to the place. Agra is well connected to Noida and the journey by road takes around 3 hours. So stop waiting and find the best intercity cab Noida to Agra so you can gift your taste buds with the offerings of these amazing establishments.



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