Raigad: A city of architectural beauties

Raigad is a coastal beauty of Maharashtra. Earlier known and referred to as Kolaba District. This is truly an amazing place for tourists and never fails to enchant. You can catch the glimpses of all these awesome places by taking a taxi from Pune to Raigad.

Raigad is an archetype for splendour and serenity. Visiting this place will be a really fun journey and one which you shall remember for years to come. This place has amazing, jaw-dropping architectures at the show and is every history buffs wet dream. Pune to Raigad Taxi Service makes it easy for you to pay a visit to any part of the city.

Raigad was actually annexed by Chhatrapati Shivaji in the year of 1656, and soon enough was made the capital.  You can visit there by opting for Pune to Raigad best cab service.

Naturally, every base needs to be worthwhile, and hence Raigad saw immense beautification and the building of edifices. Even today, the splendour of the 17th century can be felt. The visitors can take Pune to Raigad car rental for paying a look at the beauty of the place.

Raigad Fort, situated in the Gibraltar of the East (Raigad was called that by Britishers due to its well round fortification) is an amazing piece of architecture and till today is a perfect example of how well our ancestors were in their craft. More than being just a fort, the Raigad Fort is of great Historical significance and portrays the emotion of Hindavi Swarajya as dreamt by Chattrapati Shivaji. For an easy way out in travelling, Intercity Cab Pune to Raigad is the best option.

This fort stands at a whopping 820m and is on a mountain range which just adds to its beauty. Close to Prachad Village, it is advisable to take a taxi from Raigad to this village for the rest of the travel. You can take an Intercity Cab Service Pune to Raigad for travelling around.

Jagadishwar Temple, was constructed by Shivaji, an ardent follower of the Hindu religion. This is a paragon of architecture at its finest. This temple is beautifully made out of rock and has the certain tinge of history in it. You can hire a taxi service from Pune to Raigad for going there.

Raigad is a city of historical splendor and an epitome of serenity. Do visit here and we are sure you will enjoy every second of the journey. And remember, no need to take any pain for travelling, you can always take Pune to Raigad online cab service for easy commuting.

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