Mouthwatering delicacies of Vrindavan

Situated 11kms away from the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the city of Vrindavan is one of the oldest and most important pilgrimage sites and is considered to be a holy place for Vaishnavism tradition. You can Book a Luxury cab from Noida to Vrindavan and reach to these places to try the local food.   

Besides being an absolute combination of religion and tradition, Vrindavan has a vast variety of street food to offer. Dhokla, Samosa, Khasta matar, pakora- name it and they have it!

  • The winding lanes leading to Bankey Bihari temple are dotted with a number of local food joints serving a variety of street foods from across the country. Book Cab Noida to Vrindavan.

Be it dhokla from Gujarat, Chole Bhature from Punjab or Pav Bhaaji from Mumbai- you’d be tempted to munch on. You can reach to this yummy spot by taking Book Cab Service Noida to Vrindavan.

  • After tasting the tangy and spicy food items, satisfy your sweet tooth with a glass of Lassi, a plate full of pedas or Jalebi with Rabri. Every nook and corner have these so you wouldn’t even have to waste time looking for them.  

Radhe Shyam Agarwal Pede Wale, Brijwasi Mithai Wale, Mohan Lal Pede Wale are a few famous sweet shops. Want to eat Pedas? take Economical Taxi service in Noida to Vrindavan, or you can simply take buses also, but the best way is when you Book Cab Service from Noida to Vrindavan.

  • Til Buggha Ladoo- Opposite Banke Bihari temple, Murli Manohar Goswami Mishtaam Bhandaar serves the famous “Til Buggha Ladoo”.  You too can also eat these ladoos, all you have to do is Book Taxi from  Noida to Vrindavan now!

This shop is more than 67 years old and serves the best Til Baggha Ladoo in the city. “Til”  is basically Sesames seeds and “ Buggha” means Roasted. Hence these ladoos are made of roasted Sesames seeds.

Best way to reach Vrindavan: Book Taxi Service from Noida to Vrindavan

  • Amma Ji restaurant- This restaurant is one of its kinds. It’s entirely made up of Bamboo and serves only Ayurvedic and organic concept food.

Best way to reach: Book car rental from Noida to Vrindavan   

Swami Balinder, the owner of the restaurant, believes the right combination of masala can create a balanced diet. The masalas used here are handmade also, the fruits and vegetables are purely organic and homegrown.

Perfect place to detox your body after all the street food!

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