Mathura: Catch Glimpse of the Royal Past

Visit Mathura by taking the intercity taxi from Gurgaon to Mathura. This city is one of the most popular places in Hindu religion; the main reason is that it is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. There is a lot a traveler can learn when visiting Mathura. The history of the city is strong and an integrated part of the culture and religious values. You can visit the city by taking the cab from Gurgaon to Mathura. Here are some of the things you would love to know about the city –

  • Lord Vishnu’s Avatar, the Lord Krishna is believed to have born here in the Yadu dynasty. The significance of the city can be known from the fact that, the name of the city is mentioned in one of the oldest epics, the Ramayana. How to go? Take an intercity cab from Gurgaon to Mathura.

  • There is a tale mentioned in the epic narrating the prince of Ikshwaku, Shatrughna killed Lavanasura, the demon and claimed the land afterward. The place then was known as Madhuvan as it has thick woods. The city was also ruled by the Mauryans during the 4th to 2nd century BCE. How to visit Mathura? Take the Online One Way Cab from Gurgaon to Mathura.

  • There are the famous districts of the city, and some of them are Baldeo, Vrindavan, Nandgaon, Gokul, Govardhan, Chaumuhan, etc. How to go? Take the Online One Way Cab from Gurgaon to Mathura.

  • The main tourist attractions of Mathura showcase the most beautiful temples of Hinduism, the world’s third largest religion. The twin city of Mathura is Vrindavan which is a small town but represents different sects of Hinduism where Krishna can be seen in different avatars and forms. How to reach? Book a cab from Gurgaon to Mathura.

  • The famous tourist attractions you would love to visit are Vishram Ghat, Birla Mandir, Baldeo, Lohwan Mata Mandir, Keshav Dev Temple, Prem Mandir, Iskcon temple, and many more. How to reach? Book the taxi services from Gurgaon to Mathura today.

There are many places in and nearby Mathura you would yearn to visit at least once in your lifetime. All you have to do is hire a cab from Gurgaon to Mathura.

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