List of Famous Food in Jaipur

Jaipur, the Pink City, is known for its forts and food which are a mark of the culture, traditions and its colourful history. When it comes to food, Rajasthan presents you an array of mouth-watering food items and desserts made using pure ghee! Visit Jaipur by Noida to Jaipur Best Taxi service, Noida to Jaipur Online Taxi service or Outstation Cab Service Noida to Jaipur.

The local food items one must try on the trip to Jaipur are:

  • Dal-Batti-Churma- This is the most famous Rajasthani wholesome meal. It is Rajasthan’s speciality! At a nominal rate, dal-batti-churma is available at every corner of the city. Dal is cooked lentils; batti is a rounded mass of stuffed floor baked on charcoal and churma is the sweet dish made up of ghee and sugar or jaggery. Dal-Batti is usually served with papad, ghee and onion salad. Visit Jaipur by Best Intercity Cab from Noida to Jaipur.

  • Ghevar- A trip to Jaipur is incomplete without ghevar, though this dessert is made especially during the Teej festival. It is a rounded disc-shaped sweet made out of sugar syrup and ghee, with mawa (dry fruits) or malai (condensed milk) added as per the wish.  Noida to Jaipur Cab booking services or Online Intercity Cab from Noida to Jaipur.

  • Mawa Kachori- This kachori, laced with sugar syrup and stuffed with dry fruits, is a famous delicacy in Jaipur’s Johri Bazaar.

  • Pyaz Kachori- A typical Rajasthani snack, pyaz kachori served with chutney is the favourite morning breakfast among the people of Rajasthan! Try this in the snack joints or street side food joints.


  • Ker Sangri- Dish was originated during the drought and is made out of an edible plant which grows in extremely hot condition. Ker sangria is a pickle sort of dish with typical spices which makes it worth a try! Visit Jaipur by Noida to Jaipur Taxi Booking.

  • Ghatte ki Sabzi- Made up of gram flour balls dipped in yoghurt curry, this is a savoury delight to be tried with roti or puri.

Visit Rajasthan’s pink city by intercity car rental Noida to Jaipur or Noida to Jaipur taxi service. The city sure has forts and food items a huge numbers for you!


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