Explore Rich Tradition of Punjab in Jalandhar

Book an intercity cab service from Delhi to Jalandhar, and in less than 6 hours flat you can reach this beautiful city in Punjab. Situated just 144 km away from the national capital region, Jalandhar is a city which is quite rightly known for its historical monuments, rich cultural heritage, and traditional values. It is a great place to visit through a cab from Delhi to Jalandhar owing to its several monuments, tombs, forts and temples.

  • An intercity taxi from Delhi to Jalandhar brings you closer to a building that carries along with it a history of almost 200 years. The Devi Talab Temple, located in the heart of the city, is believed to be almost 200 years old. The temple, dedicated to Goddess Durga, resembles the Amarnath Temple that is in J&K.

  • There is also an old temple of Goddess Kali and an ancient sacred tank that are there in the premises of the temple. Another of city’s well-known attraction is the St. Mary Cathedral Church. Constructed in 1947, the church got its cathedral status in 1955 and ever since has been one of the most after religious and tourist attraction in Jalandhar.

  • Constructed during the Lodhi Era, the famous Shiv Mandir in the Gur Mandi area of Jalandhar was built by Nawab of Sultanpur. This fascinating temple is renowned for its architecture that is quite unique. While the temple’s gates resemble that of a mosque, the rest of it looks just like any other temple. This unique architectural marvel can be reached by booking online intercity cab Delhi to Jaipur.

How about booking an intercity cab from Delhi to Jalandhar and offering your kids a chance to see the Wonder Land? Go boating or take a ride at the flying dragon, you’re surely in for lots of surprises and excitement in this adventurous destination. If this sounds interesting enough, booking an intercity car rental Delhi to Jalandhar is the easiest thing to do!

A taxi from Delhi to Jalandhar availed easily is another great way to come to a city and buy plenty of quality sports goods in bulk. It produces a host of sports materials and goods that are renowned all over the world. No wonder, Jalandhar is one of the major sports goods manufacturers in India. So, book the best outstation cab service from Delhi to Jalandhar and explore this fascinating city of Punjab.


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