Eclectic Agra

A weekend getaway to Agra is one of the most amazing experiences that you can ensure of having. This city of the mughals is dotted by forts and unbelievably beautiful edifices. The city itself is an work of art and a trip here is something you’ll remember for years to come. We bring to you a few tips to get Agra right.

  • For a short weekend vacation trip around Dehradun, book a taxi from Dehradun to Agra and explore the wonderful city. The 8 h 12 min drive covering 434.9 km is wonderful considering various options of outstation cabs from Dehradun to Agra.

  • The city offers a taste of whimsical magic courtesy to the splendid Mughal-era buildings. Accredited for playing home to one of the seven wonders of the world, you can avail one way cab booking from Dehradun to Agra in a matter of minutes.

  • The city’s closeness to Dehradun makes Agra an ideal getaway, unlike the natural beauty of nature in Dehradun, Agra provides you with an amazing architectural splendor,what frames it an even more fascinating vacation spot is the ease with which you can book an intercity cab from Dehradun to Agra and make your trip hassle free.

  • A low fare cab from Dehradun to Agra will bundle in quite a lot of fun as you will be taking the expansive and smooth driving down the Taj Expressway Highway, which is an experience in itself. Unravel in an amazing journey, romantic drive to the city that is always bustling with activities. The Expressway is actually one of the bests in India.

  • Other alluring aspects of the city include intricately carved handicrafts, sprawling landscaped gardens and delicious food. A stroll around its ancient lanes will help you realize what makes it such a sought-after tourist destination. (Do not forget to try Agra’s world famous pethas!)

  • Agra is perhaps one of the most sojourn cities in India for both Indian and global travellers. Although tourists mostly flock to the Taj, there are several other places of significance which are worth seeing when you're in the city. It is easy to visit Agra comfortably in one day with a quick and convenient taxi services from Dehradun to Agra.

For local sightseeing in the city, it is better to hire an intercity taxi from Dehradun to Agra. A reliable way for this is to avail online taxi rental services from Dehradun to Agra. Also, you can book cab services from Dehradun to Agra at your hotel. If you plan to travel to Agra by taxi from Dehradun, make sure you hire an outstation taxi from Dehradun to Agra that can take you to other cities.

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