Bikaner: The Camel Country

Bikaner, located in the desert state of Rajasthan on the western side of the country, is best reached by booking a taxi service from Jaipur to Bikaner. Also known as the ‘camel country’, the city is renowned for producing the state’s best riding camels. For the best of camel rides, make an intercity cab booking from Jaipur to Bikaner and witness how the ship of the desert is an intrinsic part of life in this city.

  • Apart from the Bikaner wells that form the primary source of water for the locals, Bikaner is also home to some really beautiful palaces and forts that reflect on the city’s rich past, historically and culturally. Moreover, Bikaner is renowned all over the country for it’s Bikaneri bhujia and sweets. Food lovers can avail Jaipur-Bikaner cab services to relish the wonderful and tantalizing savouries of the city.

  • Hire a cab from Jaipur to Bikaner to reach one of the main attractions of the city of Bikaner that is the Junagarh Fort. Built by Maharaja Rao Bika in 1478, but was reconstructed later during the times of Raja Rai Singh (1571-1611) and Karan Singh (1631-1639). The complex of the fort featuring temples and palaces with some aesthetically done courtyards, balconies and windows is the best relished by booking a cab service from Jaipur to Bikaner. The zenana quarters of the fort require particular mention as it displays artistic works of mirrors and frescos. 

  • Other major attractions here include Anup Mahal, Karan Mahal, Phool Mahal and Chandra Mahal. Explore and admire this exquisite piece of architecture by making a Jaipur to Bikaner cab booking online.

Hire one way cab service from Jaipur to Bikaner to reach another of very renowned place of Bikaner that is the Karni Mata Temple. The temple complex is the permanent residence of a large number of rats, approximately 20,000 of them in total, which attracts the attention of all tourists to Bikaner. According to a legend, Karni Mata, the incarnation of goddess Durga, lost her son and requested Yama to grant back his life which he refused. Karni Mata then herself restored the life of her son and made a declaration that her family members will not die but will be reincarnated as rats from now on. Book a Jaipur to Bikaner cab service and be a part of history by worshipping in this unique temple.

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