5 things about Dalhousie that makes it a walker's paradise

Dalhousie, unlike Shimla, Manali or Darjeeling, is a small hill station with scenic beauty, fresh mountain air, snow clad Dhauladhar range view and good sober people. Do not look for CCD or malls, it is a place of virgin nature, quiet calm atmosphere and mental peace. You can reach there by taking Safest cab service from Chandigarh to Dalhousie. Just walking through the roads with a constant view of snow clad dhauladhar range itself will return your effort and expenditure.

  • Dalhousie is a place to take a walk through the nature. You must love to walk. There will be Economical cab service from Chandigarh to Dalhousie at the mall point to take you around places. If you avail a bus to go to those places, you will miss the main charm of dalhousie. So let us plan which all places you will walk down and where you will go by Economical Taxi service from Chandigarh to Dalhousie.

  • Have nice breakfast and go out for subhash baoli, 1.2 km from mall point approx. Nothing much to see, a natural water source where Subhash Bose used to come walking to consume natural water to get cured from T.B. Now it is a mud point. But you will love the narrow path with hill on one side and depth on the other through virgin nature. How to go: Luxury taxi from Chandigarh to Dalhousie.

  •  Panchpula means five bridges. Surrounded by a cover of fresh, green pine and deodar trees, Panchpula is a waterfall, where five streams come together. Watch out, this is about 3 km, and the road just goes down. So going down will be fun, but not returning. If you are not sure of yourself, hire a cab. Cabs will tell you about places like bara patthar and all. Do not waste your time. If you have taken a walk through garam and thandi sadak, subhash baoli and panchpula, it is fair enough.

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  • Dalhousie is also known as the 'Mini Switzerland' or the 'Switzerland of India' for khajjiar. If you've got that crazy streak of adventure in you then you must not miss out on this. Located at an altitude of 6,500 feet, the natural mesmerising beauty and picturesque landscape of this place are bound to leave an everlasting impression on a tourist. Khajjiar is known for its nine-hole golf-course which is nestled in the midst of lush greenery and a breathtaking landscape. Khajjiar is a plateau with a small lake which tends to be a favorite amongst tourists. This region also attracts adventure seekers and has a lot of options in adventure sports like zorbing, trekking, rock climbing, etc.

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  • Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary- The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Leopard, bear, deer, langur, jackal, Himalayan Black Marten, Barking Goral and countless beautiful birds can be spotted here. The landscapes are thickly covered with Deodar trees interspersed with little streams flowing into the Ravi river. The wildlife sanctuary was better known as a gaming reserve for Chamba rulers, in history. The area is a favorite spot for trekking, picnics, and walks with serenity of nature.

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  • Dainkund Peak- A stunning tourist place, perched at an altitude of 2755 meters, is the supreme mount in Dalhousie. From this peak tourists can relish 360° view of the entire valley. The noise of the breeze passing through the trees makes a musical sound, due to which this peak has also obtained the name, the singing hill. Dainkund Peak is one of the most visited place in Dalhousie. This place has a cynical charm and the picturesque view of the surroundings will exactly take your breath away. In this peak people love to walk and trek up here. People really enjoy and spend a lot of time in this pretty environment. 


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