4 local flavours of Agra

This beautiful city was the capital in the Mughal empire and is famous because it is home to Taj Mahal,  a wonder of the world.  This city in North India is a very hospitable city that welcomes you with open arms. You can hire dehradun agra Taxi services and explore Agra. The best way to see the culture of a city is through its food. Every traveller is attracted by the prospect of trying delicious new cuisines and meals.

Do here are four dishes that you must try off you're in Agra. So, quickly book dehradun agra Cab services and get started:

1. Mughlai- This Mughal capital is famous for it's mouth watering Mughlai food. The Mughal cuisine is full of meat curries enriched with dried fruits and flavored with ground as well as whole spices that will leave you wanting more. Just take Outstation Taxi from dehradun to agra and dive into Mughlai food. For a satiating Mughlai lunch, casual dining restaurant of Jahanpanah is one of the best places.

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2. Bedai and jalebi-  In town on time for breakfast? Try this yummy breaks dish that is sweet and spicy. Bedai is like a kachori that is crunchy and fluffy and deep fried and filled with a spicy masala. It is complimented by the spicy potato curry, a dollop of curd, and green chilly, that will enliven your taste buds. If it's too much to handle,  you've the the good old jalebi to calm down. Jalebi will be the perfect crispy and gooey dessert to your hot meal.

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3. Dalmoth- Agra's snacks are unparalleled. This crispy crunchy namkeen is the perfect accompaniment to those evenings when you're sitting with tea in your hand munching away at the dalmoth and enjoying the simplicity of the city. Dalmoth has fried lentils, nuts and spices that make it an all time favourite.

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 4. Petha- "Agra ka Petha" is one of the most famous things in the country. If you're going to Agra then you have to try the petha and also bring back some for the relatives.Made from white pumpkin or ash gourd and flavored with nuts, this north Indian sweet is found in many varieties and different shapes.

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